Studied Graphic Design and Photography.
Worked for different agencies and enterprises.

Actually Art Director at Sieber & Wolf.

Also working on all kind of freelance and design projects.

That´s it.




I only show very selected agency, freelance and private projects on this website.
My references as an Art Director have a much broader spectrum and range.

So if you are interested in job references as Art Director,
feel free to contact me and I will send you a special Portfolio PDF.




December 2017 – Adidas Showcase / Irregular Mag Event Munich

April 2017 – Lange Kunstnacht Leonberg

April 2016 – Lange Kunstnacht Leonberg

October 2015 – Hope Culture Event Stuttgart

April 2015 – Lange Kunstnacht Leonberg

April 2014 – Lange Kunstnacht Leonberg

July 2013 – Artshow at the X Games Munich

April 2013 – Lange Kunstnacht Leonberg

September 2010 – Skateboardmuseum Stuttgart




Solo Skateboard Magazine

United Skateboarding Photography Project



Portrait photography by Fabian Fuchs.