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Hello, I am Julien Fincker, a french Designer living in the environment of Stuttgart, Germany. After studying Graphic Design an Photography, I worked for different advertising agencies and enterprises, and am currently working as an Art Director at Sieber & Wolf.


Besides my daily work, I also work on freelance projects for different clients or even just for fun.


From my beginnings my main focus was on graphic design, but I was always interested in different genres like typedesign, photography, illustration and art. Typography has always been an important part of my work, especially during my time at Stankowski + Duschek. That´s how I became more and more fascinated by type ­design and started to design my first letters.


Besides all this I enjoy to spend time with my family or just to play Pétanque with my friends. And yes, thanks to my french origins I had to have my own Pétanque court in the backyard.


Art Direction

I only show very selected agency, freelance and private projects on this website. My references as an Art Director have a much broader spectrum and range. So if you are interested in job references as Art Director, feel free to contact me (contact@julienfincker.com) and I will send you a special Portfolio PDF.




December 2017 – Adidas Showcase / Irregular Mag Event Munich

October 2015 – Hope Culture Event Stuttgart

July 2013 – Artshow at the X Games Munich

April 2013/14/15/16/17 – Lange Kunstnacht Leonberg

September 2010 – Skateboardmuseum Stuttgart



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As I deepened in typedesign, I learned a lot about fonts, and how to use fonts. I also learned, that I was not the only graphicdesigner, not knowing enough about them. But there are so many possibilities a font can have. That’s why I started to write tutorials for graphicdesigners about open type features and how to use them. They were published by designbote.de.
How to play with fonts - part 1

How to play with fonts - part 2