Finador Slab

a soft slab-serif family


Finador Slab is a soft slab-serif family. It has a strong character and can be used for a lot of cases, especially for editorial, branding, packaging and logos. The family supports almost every of your needs. It meets all the requirements to become your next favorite workhorse family. So just give it a try. The Medium weight is for free.


The Slab version is based on the Finador Sans version. It matches perfectly and can be used easily together.


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The Finador Slab family includes 8 weights, from thin to heavy + their matching italics. With 900+ glyphs per style it supports over 200+ latin based languages, includes an extended currency symbol set and a lot of Open Type Features like small caps, ligatures, fractions, alternates and many more. The lightest and boldest weights are good for display usage, while the middle weights can be also used for body text.


Special edition poster


Just like the Sans family, there is also a special edition poster, which has been printed only 25 times. The size is DIN A2, they are numbered and signed. Some of them are still available. So if you are interested, just send me a message.

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