good times

Skateboardphotography book


This book is a non-commercial project and maybe the most personal project so far, as it features my roots, the past, the present and the future. On 240 pages it shows about 500 photos I have shot over more than a decade at different sessions and trips to Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Gran Canaria, Austria and more.


The past: Skateboarding with all its magazines, boardgraphics and photos had a huge impact on me while becoming a designer. But in 2015 i stopped shooting photos of it.

The present: I am a graphic designer and started typedesign about 3 years ago and really went deep into it. So I designed the whole book with my latest font release Spitzkant.

The future: Well, you never know what happens in the future. But I will definitely keep going in Graphic- & Typedesign. And maybe find some time to skate a bit more again.


But the main reason i designed this book is that I have so much memories of fun times with my friends. I wanted to create something for my friends that keeps all this memories and good times.