a soft geometric sans family


Finador is a modern, soft geometric sans family. The functional style of a geometric sans has been soften by open apertures and rounded corners. This makes it functional and friendly.

As a versatile allrounder Finador supports almost every of your needs. It has the ability to become your next favorite workhorse family.


Finador reached #9 of the Myfonts „Hot new fonts“ list and was featured at:

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FINADOR is available at:

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The weights


The Finador family includes 8 weights, from thin to heavy + their matching italics. The lightest and boldest weights are good for display usage, while the middle weights can be also used for body text.


The languages


With 900+ glyphs per style Finador supports over 200+ latin based languages and includes an extended currency symbol set.

The features


The default version has open, modern apertures. Stylistic Set 2 includes the whole set of letters with closed, classic apertures. A slightly different look. It´s like having a second font in just one font. So it´s up to you to choose the right look for your projects.


The Finador family includes a lot of Open Type Features like small caps, ligatures, fractions, alternates and many more.

The Design Process


Finador was supposed to become my second learning typeface, a geometric sans-serif family. Originally the plan was to learn to draw different weights with it. But again, it turned out quite differently. The first sketches were already drawn before and parallel to Bourget, and were quickly discarded. With the learning process in theory and practice there were so many mistakes in form and craft, that I had to redraw them in the whole. Only a few letters I still liked were kept in their basic principle, cleaned up and kept as Stylistic Set 3.


So I started drawing the thinnest and thickest weight in parallel. After a large part of the basic letters had been drawn, I noticed that the thickest weight was clearly too thin, it looked more like a medium. Smart as I am, I thought to save myself a detour with a little trick. If you can interpolate the weights in between, you can certainly extrapolate a heavier weight without any problems ... Marc Lohner, who again was a helpful consultant, warned me and should be right. The extrapolation did not work as hoped. So I took the detour and drew a new thickest weight, but kept the medium  as master. So from now on I continued with three masters instead of two. But this way was just right, because I kept full control.


During the drawing I had two questions among others. 1. should the edges be sharp or rounded? I decided to use rounded edges, because it gives the overall look a soft and friendly character. A decision that I regretted when implementing the oblique, but which was right on the whole. 2. the second question made the decision much more difficult for me. Do I draw open or closed apertures? I postponed the decision until later and drew both versions in parallel. When the decision had to be made, I went the way of the soft and friendly character and decided for the open version. But I kept the closed version as Stylistic Set 2. Normally you should make decisions and follow through, but I wanted to give the user a chance to get involved. They should be able to use Finador for their purposes in the way they needs them. Not as an additional font, but with the help of Open Type features.


Speaking of Open Type Features. I learned about this as well, which increased the character set to over 900 characters. So I added more alternative characters, small caps, automatic fractions and a large collection of currency symbols. Finador thus quickly grew out of its role as a learning typeface and into an extensive allrounder family. It is universally applicable – a real workhorse.

Licensing & Pricing


Finador is starting at 28,-€ for a single style (desktop & web) for 1-3 users.

The family package (desktop & web) is starting at 195,-€ for 1-3 users.

Retailers may vary. Further license variations are available on request.


Our own shop is currently in the making. Until it is done, you can contact us directly, if you like to purchase a font or a whole family. Just write an e-mail to and let’s talk about your needs and the pricing.




Educational Licenses

If you are a student (currently enrolled at a college or university) and like to use our fonts for your projects, we will offer you a 80% discount. We would love to see your projects with our fonts. Just write an e-mail to and let’s talk about your needs and the pricing.

Try & Buy

FINADOR is available at:

Download PDF-Specimen

Specimen-Booklet & Poster

The booklet features all information and visuals about the Finador Sans family on 28 pages. There is also a special edition poster, which has been printed only 25 times. The size is DIN A2, they are numbered and signed. Some of them are still available. So if you are interested, just send me a message.