Portrait by Alexander Fischer

Hello, I am Julien Fincker, a french Designer living near Stuttgart, Germany. After studying Graphic Design and Photography, I worked for various design studios, advertising agencies and enterprises, like Stankowski & Duschek. Currently I am working as Art Director at Sieber & Wolf. My daily work includes the classic Art Directors tasks like Corporate Design projects for print and digital, campaigns & concepts, editorial, event design, Photo- & Videoshootings and much more.

Additionally, I also work on freelance projects.


Individuality and multidisciplinarity are essential for me as a designer. This is why I don’t try to find „my style“. I don’t like to do the same thing all day long. Design isn’t the same, it’s varied. At the beginning my main focus was on graphic design, but I was always also interested in photography, illustration, art and especially typedesign. I prefer to play with different genres, different tools and get inspired by them.



Art Direction

Only very selected agency, freelance and private projects are shown on this website. My references as an Art Director have a much broader spectrum. So if you are interested in job references as Art Director, feel free to contact me ( and I will send you a special portfolio as a PDF.



Member of

tgm – Typographische Gesellschaft München e.V.




December 2017 – Adidas Showcase / Irregular Mag Event Munich

October 2015 – Hope Culture Event Stuttgart

July 2013 – Artshow at the X Games Munich

April 2013/14/15/16/17 – Lange Kunstnacht Leonberg

September 2010 – Skateboardmuseum Stuttgart






Julien Fincker